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Board of Directors 2023

President:                    Frank Young

Vice President:            Raul Medina

Treasurer:                    Ron Levy

Executive Secretary:   OPEN

Past President:            Suzanne Levy

Committee Chairs

Rabbi:                           Rabbi Dov Gottesfeld

Brotherhood:                Michael LeCover

Buildings & Grounds:    Ken Wolf

                                       and  Sid Goldstein

Education:                     Amber Medina

Membership:                 Josué Medrano

Religious Practices:       OPEN

Sisterhood:                    Marsha Epstein

Ways & Means:             Diane Board-Mirken

Sunshine Chair:             OPEN

Social Action Chair:      David Goldstein

Trees for Israel:            Alyshia Brunk
Bulletin Editor:              Leslie Epstein

Website Intern:             Nakiah Burnes

Our largest posed group photo (more than 40 people), from several years ago in front of the stage with the Torah ark, flags, shofar, eternal light in the background. Many current and past leaders are present
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