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Temple Beth El will be offering these four classes if enough people will be interested in attending.

For more information please contact

Rabbi Dov Gottesfeld (310-871-3890, dovgottesfeld@gmail.com) or

Joel David (805-878-1045, jandidavid@yahoo.com)



Taught by Rabbi Dov Gottesfeld


“How did this tenacious people survive throughout history when many other cultures and religions were annihilated or absorbed?” 


Max I Dimont deals with those topics and more in his book “Jews, God and History.”

That book will be used as the focal point of the class. In addition, students will get handouts to explore related topics in world’s events and developments, which either had a significant effect on the Jews, or originated by the Jews.

Students will be encouraged to participate by doing further research at home on various topics and share their findings with the rest of the students in the class.


Biblical Hebrew class

Taught by Rabbi Dov Gottesfeld


Biblical Hebrew (Hebrew: מִקְרָאִית רִיתעִבְ ‎ Ivrit Miqra'it ), also called Classical Hebrew, is an archaic form of Hebrew, a Canaanite Semitic language spoken by the Israelites in the area known as Israel. Most Jews who attend synagogues presently - where the services are also conducted in Hebrew, know many of the prayers by-heart. That means that they are already familiar with the sounds of the Biblical Hebrew. Therefore, Biblical Hebrew will be much easier for them to learn than the Modern Hebrew. It would also help them understand the meaning of the Hebrew text. Understanding the Hebrew text will enrich their understanding of the true meaning of the Hebrew bible, which is often lost in the various English translations.

Previous knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet is not required.


Modern Hebrew Reading Writing and Speaking

Beginner level Taught by Joel David


Modern Hebrew is the language spoken in Israel today and is different from Biblical Hebrew. This class will be beneficial for people who are interested in reading Israeli newspapers, articles, or any other publication.

Previous knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet is not required.


Modern Hebrew Conversation

Beginner level Taught by Joel David


This is a conversational only class and does not include any Hebrew reading or writing.

This class will be beneficial for people who travel to Israel or are interested in watching Israeli movies or TV News Channels in Hebrew.

No previous knowledge of Hebrew is required.